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S Belisle
10 September 1988
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About Logomachy

Logomachy is a blog. It's gone through numerous incarnations over time, ranging from a live journal to several remotely-hosted blogs. In previous lives it was known as Nächt Tour, among a handful of other names - but Nächt tour and Logomachy have been the two titles that I've held on to the longest for my blogs.

The word Logomachy is a word I found in my dictionary of obscure, rarely-used, or obsolete words. It means, according to Meriam-Webster,
1 : a dispute over or about words 2 : a controversy marked by verbiage

There's no real reason that I chose this word, other than that it sounds pretentious and I love the trappings of pretension. Also, I like words. and I tend to be excessively verbose (though I'm working on that!)

About The Writer

Writing an about section is always one of the hardest endeavors of a blog. After all, who am I to say that there's anything interesting to say about myself? It's like walking a fine line between ego-tripping like crazy, and being too humble.

So anyways, hi, my name is Scott, and this is my blog. I'm 19, a rising junior attending a liberal-arts university in Oregon, currently an English major and a planned religions minor. In my spare time I moonlight as a writer, a blogger, an artist, and a teenager in general. I want to be a published author when I grow up, though I'm probably going to go to grad school, pick up a PhD and try to teach young men and women that genre fiction is worth reading as literature, not just entertainment. This is somewhat in contrast to my current goals as a writer, which is to write works that are entertaining first and social or political commentary a distant, distant second. I believe that the most important function a book can serve is to provide readers with an escape from the world around them. I hate books that preach at me.

At the same time, though, I think that books are an important way to disseminate information, and that literature as works of ideas and not just works of entertainment - books that argue and cajole and inspire you to think hard about forces or ideas at work in your world - are astonishingly important. I believe that there's something in literature for everyone to enjoy, and that teachers err too greatly on the side of canon when teaching students to appreciate good writing. I'd love to see relatively young works like Kafka on the Shore taught in literature courses.

In addition to being a major literature geek, however, I've got an unhealthy fixation with the sciences, particularly physics, and a fascination with the functioning of the natural world around me. My love of science has inspired in me a love of science fiction, while the ideas presented in science fiction regarding the eventual capability and power of science inspires me to keep track of the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs.

I love playing video games, particularly PC games, though I own a 360 (and a PSP!) and am not ashamed to be a multi-platform gamer. I believe there's plenty of time in my life for PCs and consoles, and that people who draw party lines between consoles are idiots. I love almost every genre of game, with the exception of sports games. My current favorites are Team Fortress 2, an FPS; and Sins of a Solar Empire, a cross genre game that blends 4x empire-building with real-time strategy. I also wholeheartedly support the idea of games as art, and I'm thinking about writing my senior paper on story-telling techniques in video-games and their evolution as technology has improved. However, as the English department to which I belong is fairly conservative, I find it unlikely that I will get to blend my two loves in this way.

So that's me. I hope that you enjoy my ramblings, and that you contribute by way of comments, even if it's disagreeing with me.